Some Poems of K Pankajam

Predicament The mud road that snakes through the village is familiar to me like the back of my palms. My feet have measured every inch of it. “Three in the […]

The Masters at Church

-John Kaniecki Fred Masters hurriedly signed the blue check his pen darting frantically. In anticipation his head turned toward the soon to arrive collection plate. The shiny golden plate was […]


  –Dr. Santosh Alex A journey of self analysis is the first poetry collection of Baijayanti Pradhan. The poems in the anthology are based mainly of life, its philosophies and […]

Colours of Ekant Srivatsava

   – Dr. Santosh Alex Contemporary Hindi poetry has come a long way from Chayavadi kavita, Prayogvadi kavita to Nayi kavita etc. Contemporary Hindi poetry has its share of young poets. Young […]

Dervish Dancing

– Ampat Koshy We spun holding hands faster & faster in circles & rounds our faces upwards to the sun The sky began to cave in on our heads Then […]


– Gopakumar Radhakrishnan Duet Poetry is the latest invention in the domain of literature that can be useful for world in large and can be applied to any of the […]