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Duet Poetry is the latest invention in the domain of literature that can be useful for world in large and can be applied to any of the written languages of the world.

The Duet Poetry Format :
The Duet-Poetry form is an interesting, brand-new invention in the history of poetry in any language. There are many other art forms where a duet form of participation is well-established over years. But nowhere in the world is poetry presented in the duet form. There can be instances like co-authored, co-edited books to show but here also the art forms of the author stands well separate with its style and underlying theme.

The duet form of poetry is a distinctive format through which emotions, expertise, and expressions are fused together under a common title with a common theme written by two authors. This form of poetry promotes poetry writing, team work and collaboration, exchange of values across all conventional borders. It gives wonderful and amazing reading experiences to readers and presents the idea of a merged thought process of two different personalities… This form of poetry can be applied to any language of the world.

Research on Duets

Duet poetry is the very latest surprise and a gift to the world of poetry and literature and surprisingly this happened in our era. Invention of the Duet poetry format has doubled the power of poetic expressions and its uniting effect. ‘Synthesis – the International Duet Poetry Anthology’ released by poiesisonline.com (2014) was the maiden effort towards the vast domains of the duet poetry.

Some of the outstanding features of duet format of poetry are enlisted here for those who want to explore the possibilities of Duet-Poetry.

Possibilities of the Duet-Poetry
Personal Possibilities

  • Duet Poetry opens up the opportunities for personal growth and the poetic skills.
  • It helps to overcome the internal idea conflicts, personal shortcomings and any such personal barriers.
  • Poets no longer will be identified as solitary beings.
  • A shift in the poet’s thought process from ‘mine’ to ‘ours’ will be the pleasant outcome.
  • Humanitarian and Spiritual possibilities
  • Combined thought process on the selected themes
  • Creates a new culture of understanding between duet partners from varied backgrounds
  • Duets poems will gift merged forms of human values, sentiments, cultural, religious and philosophical perceptions.
  • Duets are expected to gift and establish new form of humanitarian concepts.
  • Duets will be a unique gift for the growing up kids. Now they have a fresh format to explore, study and enjoy.

Academic Possibilities

  • Duet poetry can be applied to the syllabus and academic curriculum from the university level as a revolutionary step.
  • Duets offer better experiences to the teachers of literature by gifting them a new format of poetry to teach.
  • Poems will be deeply understood and remain credited to the duet poets.
  • It will gift a great reading and writing experience
  • Can experience the rhetorical variations in the combined duet-recitations by author poets.

Artistic Application Possibilities 

  • Bring poets and the world together for new forms of creativity.
  • Combined themes for the music and song writing professionals.
  • Emergence of enriching great duet collections.

Self realization 

  • Poems of this kind will be a great thing to remember in a poet’s life as it is the fruit of the combined effort with their favorite partner.
  • Duets-poems are surely a memorable collaborative gift to the world.

Duet Poems
Listed below are the few formats of duets.

Duet Poets – Hélène Cardona ( Paris, France ) and John FitzGerald ( USA) (ABAB FORMAT) or (Merged Style)

Torched Flower

Begin with this most basic assertion:
She sleeps in a big sarcophagus,
Is unintentionally lost in this imagined likelihood of light
A new awareness penetrates her realm.
How I’ve longed to be mystical being like you were,
Lacking your shinier halves of faces,
Gathering the ghosts, connecting with ancestors
And picking up the wings you dropped.
Do I seem down, my resurrected?
Kisses transfer power.
I am hollow, unredeemed
On an island guarded by cats with laser eyes

Duet Poets –Gopakumar Radhakrishnan and Sunila Khemchandani
(Traditional Style)

A Moonlit Duet

I wonder how to start
As it is getting so dark
Crimson rays in sky retreat,
The horizon has too many secrets

Nature has its endless mystery
For the seeker this space is moonlit ever

Moon, a symbol of reflection
Attracts strong ties of emotions

Nights unearth many enigmas own
As you shine clouds become a backdrop swoon

Shrouding at times the twinkling stars
Yet, the whole Universe applauds

Shall I poetize, stars as virgin truths
Let us feel their awesome light

Alongside moon’s mesmerizing light
Some moonlit hearts get swept tonight

Mixed Style – Co-written by:

© Glenn Shaw, Payson, Arizona, U.S.A.
(Verses: 2, 4 and last two lines of last verse)
© Deborah L. Kelly, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
(Verses: 1, 3 and first two lines of last verse)

Grasp The Light

World peace I pray will come to us
When weapons are laid down.
Light will blot out shadows
love will turn us all around.

I seek the truth that tempests bind
to touch the beauty the darkness has weaved.
Memories lost in wisdom I find
the price of glory forever received.

And in this glory, heaven bound
when love and peace have gained the limit,
that hearts will rise and grasp the light
and all that is within it.

As storms will pass my heart doth weep,
the chains begin as mountains lie;
following time as reflections sleep
and the spirit continues to cry.

For a world mired in heartbreak
for the souls that have lost their way …
I seek the peace for nature’s sake;
hearts in dreams of yet another day

About Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

He is involved in infusing interest in poetry, art, spiritualism, philosophy, photography, publishing, humanitarian ideas, universal brotherhood and peace. His poems have been published in many national and international Collections. By profession he is an IT administrator.He is from the south of India, Kerala State, Palakkad.

He has been honored with the ‘Young Poet Award’ by Indian Poetry Society for publishing poems of many contemporary poets and for extensively promoting English poetry in India.

His invention of the ‘Duet-Poetry Format’ fetched him the world record (2013). He is Founder of the prestigious ‘Rabindranath Tagore Award – International’ for English poetry,  Bharat Award for Literature, the Founder/MD of www.poiesisonline.com and xpresspublications.com.

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan is the author of ‘Gypsy Notes’ and he is working on his second collection titled ‘The Pagan’.

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  1. Thanks for promoting this research done on duet-poetry. I hope this will help any aspiring candidates to try this format of poetry in any language and also in English. I would like to share my gratitude to my dear friend Pramod, this journal and to my brothers and sisters of Nepal.

    Gopakumar Radhakrishnan


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