Dr. Santosh Alex

A journey of self analysis is the first poetry collection of Baijayanti Pradhan. The poems in the anthology are based mainly of life, its philosophies and approach.

The opening poem ‘Food for thought’ depicts bad food habits and negative attitude in life. The poet urges the readers to have positive attitude in life.  ‘Giving and Sharing’ speaks about the importance of caring and sharing in life. As a society, we appear to have lost the instinct for kindness and the willingness to extend the hand of friendship. Our responses to children, to older people, to strangers, are all conditioned by a concern not to offend and a fear of getting involved.

Man has become so selfish that he does not care for the fellow beings. He is concerned with his own family members.

Give the world
What you have
Achieve the pleasure
In your heart.

The poem titled ‘This is the man’ can also be read in the same line.For centuries, women have been particularly vulnerable to the effects of objectification. The female population has undoubtedly struggled throughout history to exist beyond their physicality but sadly to no avail. Despite several prominent feminist movements throughout history, society continues to hold strong to patriarchal ideology that has long since oppressed and discriminated against woman on the basis of sex and gender.  In the poem ‘Are we savages or civilized’ baijayanti holds man responsible for all the atrocities against woman. She feels that woman in man’s sight is an object of sex. Woman has always been a victim in the male dominated society.

A woman is a toy for man
not a living being
but a sex object.

baijayanti‘I hate’ deals the corruption, joint family system,  use of wealth etc.  As an youngster living in India, she is very much worried about the corruption in the society.  She wants to put an end to this menace. Similarly she values the joint family system to that of nuclear family.  She feels  a person is more secure in a joint family.

We are living in a time when our cities and growing into concrete jungles. Land is an essential natural resource, both for the survival and prosperity of humanity, as well for the survival of all other terrestrial ecosystems. Over the years, people have become experts in exploiting land resources for their own needs. These resources are finite while the human demands on them are not. Increased demand land resources has resulted in declining crop production, degradation of land quality besides destruction of habitats.Today event the fields are disappearing very fast. They are making way for Malls and Community Halls.

Food is an integral part of human life. ‘Ask the soul’ discusses food habits which is a major concern in today’s world.‘Eat healthy and live healthy is one of the essential requirements for long life. Unfortunately, today’s world has been adapted to a system of consumption of foods which has several adverse effects on health. Lifestyle changes has compelled us so much that one has so little time to really think what we are eating is right ! Globalization and urbanization have greatly affected ones eating habits and forced many people to consume fancy and high calorie fast foods, popularly known as Junk foods. Research into the possible health hazards on consumption of such high calorie foods has given an insight to avoid them, but unfortunately measures taken are not as effective as they need to be.  Also the poet makes the reader ponder upon the use of tea, cigarettes, wine and meat.

‘A journey of self Analysis’ is an analysis of man in the contemporary society. Though the anthology deals with different cameos of life Baijayanti needs to understand poetry in its completeness, she needs to work her form and content which would allow her to evolve as a better poet in the time to come.



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