Poetry is an overflow of feelings.

Arvind Pathik

– Arvind Pathik, Poet

Arvind Pathik was born in 11 feb 1972 in Sahajahanpur, Utter Pradesh, India. He has completed M.A. in Hindi Literature as well as M.Com. and B.Ed. Three books are published on poetry and biography of pto Ramprasad Bismil. He is also active under the banner of Pto Ramprasad Bismil Foundation,  Delhi. Presently working as a teacher in Delhi.

What are you doing now a days ?

It’s a tough question that what I m doing now a days,  because I think creation   is a continuous process, if you are a writer, a poet or indulged in any type of creation your senses always work. A creative achievement is not a thing or result of a spur of moment but it’s a collective output in a particular moment or time so if your question is in the sense of creativity I can say that I m in the process of creation knowingly or unknowingly.  But if you are asking this in the sense of my job profile I am simply a school teacher under the govt. of Delhi.  As a writer my three collections have been published.  I have written many radio features on the  life of Indian revolutionaries. There are some assignments in the pipeline. As you know that I am a poet and attends kavi sammelans (Poet’s conferences) . I always try to contribute positively. Now a days I am chairperson of ‘Pto Ramprasad bismil foundation’ an NGO .

In your country, can writers live on writing or they have to depend on next alternate?

If I say yes, may be–,  it would be a diplomatic answer. Fact is that, it is next to impossible to live on writing. A sector of writers or intellectuals can say that they live on writing but they belong from the gang of  writers which is very much near to government or bureaucracy. Most of them are the English writers. Hardly anyone among them is from hindi. He or she must have to depend on next alternate.

There are many kinds of literary theories in literary movement, such as Marxism, Realism, Feminism, Post modernism, Romanticism etc. Which kind of theory is dominant in your society in present?

Yes, there are many literary movements but the present era is free from any classifications. Now a days, we can classify present days poetry mainly in two kind-first is popular poetry or ‘mancheey kavita’  (Stage Poem)  and other belongs to janvadi aur academic type poetry. But it’s an irony neither popular poetry nor academic poetry represent the true soul of poetry. There is popularity and money in first type of poetry but that its not more than a medium of cheap entertainment. Another is so boring that none want to read it. Very few poets are there, who represent real poetry. Basicaly it is an era of crisis for poetry in my country specially in hindi language.

In contemporery poem writing, while mentioning the name of senior and junior poets who are notable there ?

There are some important names in contemporary poem writing among seniors they are Dr kunvar bachain, Gopaldas neeraj, Vishnu nagar, etc. But among juniors, tough to point out two or three names . Harikant Singh, Hareprksha Upadhyay, Vinod Pandey, Vishnu Saxena all are very talented and would be big name in near future .

What is the role of state to inspire the artists and writers in your country ?

There are many academies in central as well as in states to promote and encourage to art literature and culture. But a large number of poets and writers live in remote areas. ‘Swanth sukhaya’  ‘Raghunath gatha’ (self content) is the only guideline for them to write poetry . No doubt, state play a measure role in the promotion and it proved its importance but more poet and writers must be benefitted by states.  For example, if you live in Delhi or in Lucknow or in any capital city, you can approach to academies  or Sansthans for a grant or subsidy to publish your very first collection of poems but if you come from a remote area, you will hardly able to approach these academies. There are many  awards and honors which are directly or indirectly sponsored by states to encourage literary activities .So, state are playing an important  role in welfare of poetry.

How many creations have you written and published uptil now?

My first collection  ‘main angar likhta hun’ was published by Pandulipi Prkashan’ in 1998. It was sponsored by hindi academy Delhi. Second was ‘akshansh anubhutiyon ke’ published by Sapeksha Prkashan, Gazaiyabad, up and third one was an epic’ Bismil Charit’ based on the autobiography of pto Ramprasad Bismil the great Indian revolutionary. Besides poetry, I have done a little job for national channel Akashvani. I have written many radio features based on the life sketch of Indian freedom fighters.  As I earlier said that I m trying to contribute positively in the various fields of hindi literature.

In your view, what is the role of theme and craft in poem?

Yes, theme and craft have a role in poetry but more important is intensity of feelings .  Poetry is an overflow of feelings. This must not interrupted. For the sake of craft if feelings are bounded then poetry’s soul will die. So, craft is important but not on the cost of feelings or emotions. Flow is more important.

We can easily find   ‘poet’ everywhere, but hardly we can find a  poem which can touch our sympathy are you agree?

Answer of this question lies in my previous answer. You say that ‘we can easily find poet everywhere’. To me it is hard to be agree with you.  Anyone who claims that he is a poet is not a poet. Now adays it’s a fashion to call himself a poet but hardly there is a poet among the hundred claims. Some among them are good in theme and others are in craft. But very few are there who justify the title’poet. You know john Milton says –“poets are unacknowledged legisletors of the god’. I say—“saral nahi hai kavita likhna’. ‘It’s the reason that we can hardly find a  poem which can touch our sympathy.

What factors play the most important role to make a successful poem/writing?

Approach to any incident or level of sensitivity and way that how one reacts on the incident play the most important role to make successful poem writing . How one expresses himself ?  Vocabulary and intensity of emotions and grip on human psychology are also important factors to create a successful poem.

What are your extra involvement, activities and hobbies except writing?

As I told you earlier, that by profession I am a teacher. To know the history of my country is my passion. I am indulged with some NGO s .I am also the chairperson of’pto Ramprasad Bismil foundation’ an NGO who works for Indian revolutionaries.

Do you also involve in literary programmes ?

Yes, under the banner of pto Ramprsad Bismil foundation, I have organized many literey   programmes and award functions since 2002.  In This year -2014 ,it was organized on12 th of april at Gandhi peace foundation . a book was released and twelve personalities from various fields of art ,culture and literature were honored.

What is the situation and market of literary magazines in your society ? Would you mention such notable magazines and news papers which are famous for literary column ?

In the age of channels  twenty four star seven there is a very little scope for in literary magazines. Many reputed and famous magazines have been closed. ‘Sarika’, ’Dinman.’ Dharmyug’ and many others are only a thing of past and magazines like ‘kadmbini, changed herself in tabloloyd . Future of literary magazines is dark. Hardly a market of literary  magazines.  Some magazines such as ‘Hans, ‘Vartman Sahity, ‘Kathadesh’ or ‘Gagnanchal’ can be counted as the magazines which are still good in content and quality but others are not up to the mark. ‘Vartman sahity’ published from Mumbai and ‘Samajklyan’ a magazine of bharatasarkar is also doing good.  Among newspapers ‘Jansatta,’  ‘Amar Ujala.  ‘Dainik jagran’ and  ‘Hindustan’ are also have columns for satire. Weekly magazines of all these newspapers also have valuable articles, poems and stories who fulfills the creative need.

What suggestions would you like to give youths, who want to do some new in literature?

Patient and continuity are the key.  Success has no shortcut . ‘neki ka dariya mein dal’, ‘nishkam karma’. God gave you a gift –‘power of creatin’ it’s a great power .You are also a little god,  a creator. So please use your ability for whole humanity without showing narrowness or depression, and you will see a day that what has been created by you. So carry on—-yes you can contribute.  do it whole heartedly.

What is the most important education which you gained from your life ?

Life is precious.  Love to others as well as love to yourself. it’s the key. Sky is the limit . Never be hopeless and best is yet to come.

At last, anything to say for you which I couldn’t ask with you ? 

It was a great pleasure my dear one to talk with you on various aspects of literature and poetry.  As I said the best is yet to come. So whenever we talk again. I will try to express myself with more intensity, presently I feel we have talk sufficient and it was a wonderful experience with you . I am also very much thankful to you for this wonderful intercourse. Thank you very much.

Interviewed by Pramod

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